Hungarian language course


Based on the recommended literature, we have prepared 40 lessons, of which the first lesson is free of charge, and all include pronunciation and vocabulary learning. Each lessons introduces you to new words and useful conversations on every day topics. Lessons have been divide into two levels, beginner level (A1/A2) and intermediate level (B1/B2), and they have all been translated into English language with parallel display of the text in Hungarian and English. Purchased lessons are at your disposal for use an unlimited number of time.

German language for doctors and medical workers

According to the specialized programme, we have prepared the German language course, consisting of 12 lessons, which will lead You through complete process of work in medical institutions. Each lesson deals with specific situation, from patients’ admission, diagnosis, patient treatment, rehabilitation, diet and patients’ discharge. Interactive dictionary consists of hundreds of words and expressions, which can be used in Your everyday working activities. Each lessons also contains knowledge assessment tests, and with completion of all 12 lessons we offer You possibility to order certificate „DEUTSCHE SPRACHE - Berufsspache für Ärtzte und Pflegekräfte" which is issued on German language.

Programme will be active from 1st December 2016

Programming & Robotics Guide for Teachers

Each era demands and rewards different skills!

Now we are teaching our kids to code. And there is no better way to teach them that than using robotics. These two systems combined provide us with the best possible solution, as they give kids the opportunity to actually see result of their programming, engage in testing of their work as well as correction of errors that might have occurred during the process, improving their overall understanding and knowledge in the field of coding.

If You, as a teacher, add to Your class a magic touch called LEGO, success will be immediate!

Our team of teachers, University professors and designers/programmers, have created number of online lessons including different types of robots, polygons and creative environment (such as Lego City, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hobbits, etc.) with real life programming tasks.

We invite You to join us from January 1st 2017 and enhance or improve Your teaching skills with state of the art technology in well-known LEGO environment.

All lessons are available online at any time (24/7) on all types of electronic devices! FREE REGISTRATION

Organize Coding & Robotics competition and tournament

Don’t forget competitions and/or tournaments! Your students have to be rewarded if they successfully complete the programming task. For that, we have prepared 10 different tournaments with coding & robotics tasks.

We challenge You to try to solve different real-life assignments, such as – how to build a bridge with Mindstorms robot, or to explore if it is possible to program a robot liftboy?

These and many more exciting and creative tasks, with full administration and scoring possibilities, are waiting for You from January 1st 2017!

And, have we mentioned? It is all available online - 24/7, and on all types of electronic devices! FREE REGISTRATION